How to make a web site that can truly reflect the uniqueness of the client’s business, focus branding and maximizing your current budget are some of the questions we answer everyday.

Creating Web Sites that Engage Clients and Generate Sales

We love to make complex things simple and user-friendly.

Every website should:

1. Help users easily find useful information
2. Help users easily complete task

These two requirements are necessary in order to create a business website that will help you engage your current clients and generate new sales leads.  When developing a website, we adopt following usability principles:

1.  Information Architecture / Clear Navigation
2.  Practical and Functional Program
3.  Simple & Ease of use
4.  Consistency
5.  Error prevention
6.  Upgrade Ready
7.  Support & Documentation

Web Design Process

Our web design process is as follows:

1.  Analysis
2.  Planning
3.  Design
4.  Content
5.  Development
6.  Testing
7.  Deployment

The Building Blocks

In order to incorporate these principles, we use following 4 key building blocks that allow us to begin the design process. These are site architecture, page wireframes, appropriate technology, and content requirements.

Site Architecture
Wire framing

To build a new or re-design your business website, contact us.